rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Everybody is apt to be busy with Christmas stuff over the next couple of days, so I figure there's not much point in spending time on long posts. I'm not busy with Christmas stuff myself, so I have nothing special to write about anyway. It's the same old weather and routine activity, like sleeping through the middle of a movie I was watching this afternoon.

Of course I didn't get any of the leaves raked today, and it will be two weeks before the next yard waste pickup. Because of the holiday the stores released their new ads today instead of Wednesday, and I don't see anything especially interesting in them, so I'm not even going to have any special shopping bargains to write about. The weather is going to be mostly clear and chilly, so it's going to be pretty monotonous.

It would probably be best if I just slept through the rest of the year. The only things I can thin of that would make the upcoming days interesting would be disasters of some sort or miracles of some sort. The former would be more likely than the latter, but neither is very likely. I'm expecting that 2014 will go out with no more than a regretful sigh. Pretty much like this entry.

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