rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It was bright and sunny all day. Dawn illuminated the tiny drops of water still clinging to the bare twigs of the trees and the blades of grass, so the whole landscape sparkled. As morning passed, the pavements dried and the air grew warmer, coming close to balmy, at least by comparison with recent days. Sadly, the mulberry leaves were still too wet to rake, and they might remain so tomorrow morning. The yard waste truck will probably come by eleven o'clock, so I'm probably stuck with the leaves for another day. Well, the lawn is stuck with them. I actually like seeing them covering the grass when they are this fresh, but the grass probably wants that sunlight for itself. Too bad, grass. I'm not getting myself soaked just to uncover you.

My mood has been improved considerably by the sun, and I'm likely to get another week of sun except for Wednesday, when it will probably rain again, and next Saturday which is expected to be partly cloudy, but other than that the current forecast is for sunshine through the rest of the year. The risk now is that I will get bored with day after day of sunlight. The greater risk, of course, is that the rain won't come back for weeks, and then I'll have to start worrying about the drought again.

Anyway. I've had dinner and am probably about to get groggy, so I have to get the wheelie bin out to the street before I sit down in front of the television and go to sleep. I don't think there's anything to watch, as the shows I usually watch have all gone into holiday reruns, and the movie channels tend to be clogged with sappy Christmas fare this time of year. I don't have to worry about missing anything because I've fallen asleep.

Oh, I didn't go to Kmart and buy those speakers yesterday. It turns out that the old ones did magically fix themselves, sort of. The woofer started working again, but now the right channel has gone dead. That's much easier to live with than missing bass, so I didn't bother to replace them. If I find I can't live with it I can go later this week, or next week. K--mart isn't going anywhere. I hope.

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