rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More of This Crap

Returning from the store I put the groceries away then removed my damp hoodie and wrapped myself in my magic blanket. The blanket being magic, I naturally fell asleep while sitting on the couch. I slept through two movies, falling asleep just after the beginning of one movie and waking up just before the end of another movie. I probably shouldn't have wrapped myself in the magic blanket, but it felt cold in the house even though I had turned the furnace up before taking a shower prior to the shopping trip and forgot to turn it back down. Portia got the advantage of the extra heat, but I couldn't even feel it. The furnace was two degrees too high all the time I was gone and all the time I was sleeping through the movies.

I'd sort of like to stay asleep for a very long time, like Rip van Winkle or Sleeping Beauty, and I'm sure the magic blanket would make it possible, but then the Prince comes and kisses me awake (though it wasn't actually a Prince, it was Portia with her rough kitty tongue.) Now I have to think about dull things such as what to fix for dinner and when I should bake the frozen pumpkin pie I bought today. Portia obviously does not have the power to make me live happily ever after, so I wish she'd just let me sleep instead of kissing me awake. If I'd remained asleep for a few months I wouldn't have to rake up all those mulberry leaves in the front yard as soon as they dry out. They could just rot away and I'd never hear the neighbors complaining because I'd be asleep.

But what I have to look forward to is that pumpkin pie I'll eventually get around to baking. There is also sunlight to look forward to, and it might arrive as early as tomorrow morning. Right now there is still rain falling, and I'm wondering that the world hasn't melted away there's been so much of the the last couple of weeks. I feel bad for the feral cats. who have the choice of getting wet or going stir crazy on the porch or in the shed or the garage.

Oh, I stopped at K-mart and they had exactly the same cheap speaker system that came with this computer and just crapped out after seven years. It's 25 bucks, but I have bonus points so could get it for 20 plus tax. If the speakers can be expected to last seven years, that comes out to about three bucks a year for halfway decent computer audio. I didn't buy it today but I might go back. It isn't on sale right now, but there's always chance it could be starting Sunday, when the new K-mart ad comes out. The odds are slight, but it's worth a two day wait to see if I can save the price of a few extra beers. There's nothing on the Internets that I need to listen to anyway.

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