rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Time to Batten

The rain still hasn't arrived, and probably won't until evening, but I just read the severee weather advisory for the region and it's quite interesting. There will be four to eight inches of rain in the mountains, with snow levels no lower than 4500 feet. That's going to be a lot of water coming down over the next three days, so of course flooding is expected in some areas (not here, of course, given the topography) with special risks in areas downstream from the parts of the forest that were burned in last summer's fires.

Plus there could be steady winds of 35-40 MPH, with gusts between 60-70. That much wind almost guarantees trees taking out power lines, which almost guarantees power outages. I'm glad I got the pilot light of the gas heater in the den fixed, because odds are I'll be needing it. With luck, the high wind won't unfix the roof that just got repaired. A leak when there is fierce rain is especially troublesome.

Anyway, if I vanish for a couple of days it will probably be due to a prolonged power outage. If a lot of lines are damaged throughout the region it can take PG&E days to get around to fixing them all, and while the storm is raging they will usually only fix those that are most critically needed, which lets my neighborhood out unles the damamge is on the main road to the west which has two schools on it. If anything ahappens to the line between that road and my house them I'll be left twisting in the 60-70 MPH gusts.

Happier news is that because the rain is late I was able to get most of the remaining leaves from the back lawn into a wheelie bin, and I got the bin out to the street about two minutes bfore the truck came to pick it up. Now I've got both bins free for the next pickup two weeks from now, and I'm just about done with the back lawn and can concentrate on the mulberry leaves and pine needles in the front yard. The mass of leaves in the very back yard, beyond the jasmine hedge, I'm not even thinking about. I'd say there are at least six bins worth out there. I should probably just try composting them, but it's more likely I'll still be hauling them out to the street in January.

I'm not sure I can arrange a trip to the store today. There is still enough bread to last until tomorrow, but tomorrow will be rainy. The front end of the storm might not be as bad as the later parts, though, so maybe I'll take a chance on going. The new sales start tomorrow, and I'm hoping there will be some good prices on canned stuff I can cook on the gas range, in case I have no electricity for some time.

Oh, and the broken section of fence has been propped back up but not properly repaired. That wind could make short work of it, and of the rest of it as well. I could end up with no fence at all on that side of the yard by the weekend. The feral cats will not be happy, as they don't get along at all with the dog who lives next door.

Now I have frozen stuff to microwave and eat for lunch. In case the power goes out I want my stock of frozen foods to be as depleted as possible. At my elevation this storm isn't going to bring any snow to pack surplus frozen foods in.

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