rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Leaf Regret

So Opera had no trouble opening LJ today, but I shut the machine down for a while this evening and now that I've turned it back on it's failing agian. Annoying. I'm back on Firefox, which seems rather klunky by comparison. I might have to download a new copy of Opera, which would also be annoying, but if the current copy isn't going to get along with a web site I use every day I don't know what else to do. Stupid computers.

No rain turned up today, though it was overcast from morning till night. I managed to get some more leaves raked up, but a large part of the back lawn is still covered with them. I had only one wheelie bin full to put out for tomorrow's yard waste pickup. I intneded to fill the second bin, but every time I went out and looked at the strew I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The little birds were getting too much pleasure from pecking around in the detritus, and I didn't want to ruin their fun. Yeah, that's my excuse.

The leaves now being on the ground has had the usual consequence of exposing the back yard to the street light on the next block. It shines right over the roof of the house behind mine, and the glare is obnoxious. There's no place in the back yard where I can get away from it except a few spots where the boles of trees block it. I'm going to miss those leaves all winter. Funny how I never think of that when I'm eager for autun to arrive, but once the leaves are gone I curse that light. It almost makes me wish I lived in one of those neighborhoods with rowdy kids who shoot out the streetlights.

The rain will probably return tomorrow and continue for at least three days, and I will probably have to go to the store on Wednesday because I'll be out of bread, so I will most likely get wet. At least I probably won't be getting wet indoors, as the roof repair is still holding up and I neither see nor smell any evidence of leaks. I'm smelling evidence of litter box, though. I'd better clean that up before I pass out.

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