rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A break in the rain allowed me to go shopping today, but I didn't buy bread because I have enough to last for a few more days and I didn't want to buy a new loaf that would go stale before I'd even opened it. That means I'll have to go out again Monday or Tuesday when a run out. That will give me chance to exchange something I didn't intend to buy. This has been happening more often of late. I grab a package off the shelf and think I'm getting one thing but it's another variety of the same product. There are three main contributors to this: there are too many varieties of products these days; I get dazed when I shop; and I haven't had new glasses in about a decade, so label details are hard to differentiate.

It makes me feel pretty stupid when I do it, though, and each time I feel stupid when shopping I hate shopping a bit more. I suppose that eventually I'll hate shopping so much that I'll just quit doing it, and consequently starve. Or I'll have to move into one of those retirement places that prepares meals for you, and consequently starve because the food in those places is so bad. What I need is an income sufficient to allow me to move into a good hotel in San Francisco and order my food from room service whenever I don't feel like going out to a restaurant, but I failed to invest in Microsoft when I had the chance, so that isn't likely to happen.

Well, I don't suppose the Fairmont would let me keep Portia, let alone all my feral cats, in my room anyway. And I probably won't give up shopping as long as I have cats to feed, so the whole situation of me not shopping probably won't ever arise, the supply of feral cats being pretty much endless.

Never mind.

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