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Today brought occasional sunshine, but not enough to dry things out. By evening the pavement was still wet, and the carpet of leaves in the back yard was still squishy to walk on even though there'd been no rainfall since early morning. Almost all the leaves are off of the walnut tree now, and the wind brought down quite a few mulberry leaves even though they are still mostly green. It is looking quite wintry out there now.

The wind also damaged the last stretch of old fence,a long the south side of the back yard. One end of an upper crossbar came loose from the post to which it had been attached and that whole section of fence is now leaning toward the jasmine hedge. It will have to be nailed back, if the wood has not rotted so far that no nail can find a purchase in it, but that will have to wait for a dryer day. It's a spot very difficult to reach, in a narrow alleyway between the jasmine and the property line, and beset with dangling walnut twigs above.

The fence was probably built about the time the houses were, and that was about fifty years ago, so it has lasted along time. The back fence and north fence have already been replaced. The south fence should be replaced, too, but that will be costly so I'm going to try just propping it back up and hope that it lasts through this winter, at least. Ideally, the landlord of the house next door would replace it, as it is a shared fence and his tenant has a dog she wouldn't want escaping. He was talking about replacing it when he ought the place a few years ago, but never got around to it. We replaced the back and north fences ourselves without any help from those neighbors, so it would be nice if I didn't have to with the south fence.

There's no telling if we'll get some breaks in the clouds tonight, but if we do I hope I see the moon, which is almost full. Last night I fell asleep much too early, missed most of the night and then woke up too early, but I'm hoping to say awake later tonight as I did manage to get a nap today. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain again, and the next ten days are all expected to be either rainy or cloudy with a chance of rain. This could turn out to be the grayest December since I've lived here, and there have been some very gray Decembers. Seasonal Affective Disorder would be a definite possibility of we don't get a couple of sunny days soon.

Absence of dinner (the nap was rather late) is beginning to tell on me. I'd better go eat something.

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