rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The weather got quite blustery last night and remained so today. A thunderstorm woke me up about two o'clock in the morning, but soon passed and I went back to sleep. I woke shortly after dawn to a roaring wind, and looked out to see the yard drenched and rain falling furiously. There were several windy periods through the day, some so fierce that I expected to loose the electricity. Surely some trees must have fallen, but none took out any of the power lines that feed my neighborhood. About dusk the wind died down and the rain eased up, and now all is quiet. The clouds are still thick,though, and more rain is likely later tonight.

My feral cats remained in hiding most of the day, but showed up for dinner. The one cat who was here this morning was sopping wet and happily greeted me by rubbing against my leg, leaving a large wet spot on my pants. He ate and vanished, and didn't return until a short time ago. Why he didn't stay on the porch all day I don't know. There's a nice pillow in one of the cupboards where he could have napped and stayed dry, and still had a view of the yard. Another cat stayed in the raters of the garage all day, and a third suddenly appeared from the shed in the back yard when I took their evening food out. The cat who had run off into the rain this morning also returned, his fur still spiky.

As the power is still on, I'm baking a sweet potato for dinner, though I'm not sure what I'll have with it. I've totally forgotten how to plan meals. It'll serve me right if I end up with sweet potato and a burrito for dinner. I really need to get my act together.

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