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The rain lasted until near dawn, then stopped and hasn't returned yet. Still we had only about fifteen minutes of sunshine all day. The clouds have thinned a bit now, and there is soft and pleasant light from the gibbous moon. The forecast for the next eight days predicts rain for three days, a possibility of rain for three more days, and mostly cloudy skies for the other two days. It looks as though the carpet of leaves in my back yard won't get a chance to dry out for a long time. Too bad, as this would otherwise be good weather for raking— nice and cool.

I had completely forgotten that I have an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow, and it's very likely to be raining again by afternoon so I guess I'm going to get a bit wet after all. I'd much rather spend the afternoon curled up in a blanket in front of a roaring television, but I don't dare put off the adjustment until the next sunny day when an appointment is available. That might not be until spring. Of course if the coming winter turns out like last winter there could be lots of sunny days. They'd still be pretty cold, though.

But I'm glad December is finally here. Now we can get it over with. I'm looking forward to March, when the camellias bloom. The only thing blooming right now is the one crazy azalea bush that doesn't know what time of year it is anymore. Oh, and the sourgrass, but that is almost always blooming unless I let it dry out in summer, so it hardly counts. By March the days will be getting longer again, and I'll be less likely to have the experience of waking up before dawn, as I did today. Waking up while it's still dark leaves me disoriented, and the feeling can last for hours. In fact I'm a bit disoriented now, but that's probably because I haven't had dinner yet. I'd better go eat something, lest I faint and have to wake up in the dark twice in one day.

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