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I did early shopping again this week, because Thanksgiving is Thursday and the closer you get to Thanksgiving the busier the stores are. They were pretty busy today, but Sunday will probably be worse. They were only out of two things I was going to buy, but I don't intend to go back for them. I'll have to pick up a fresh loaf of bread sometime early in the week, but I can get that at the less busy store, which is closer than Safeway and is also the store that has a couple of automated self-checkout aisles, so it should be quick and easy.

Oh, and there was someone in the store handing out coupons for olives today, and olives were also on sale, so with the coupons I got ten cans for five bucks. I will be able to gorge on olives and not worry about the cost. Those little buggers are usually around two dollars a can.

Plus there is finally pie! The nearby store had a buy one get one free deal on small pies (eight inch diameter) so I got one pumpkin, which I can eat cold, and one apple, which I will heat up. And they are small enough that they won't go stale before I can eat them.

There was probably rain last night as everything was still quite wet when I woke up, but there was no rain today, though the sky was overcast all day except for a brief time shortly after dawn when the sun managed to sneak under the cloud cover and make its underside shine like silver, and all the drops clinging to the leaves and grass sparkled. There ought to be some sun tomorrow, and the following two days. Wednesday is expected to be a balmy (for November) 64 degrees, which will provide a nice break from the chill. As I will be stuffed with olives and pie, this could turn out to be a nice week.

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