rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It has rained off and on since early yesterday morning, but never very hard. Mostly there has been drizzle, and there is seldom enough rain to make the downspouts sing. That means there hasn't been enough to cause any significant leakage in the ceiling, either. Neither has there been much wind. Now and then there will be a stiff breeze, but most of the time the air is still and the drizzle falls straight down. The rain is supposed to ease up tonight, and tomorrow is apt to bring no more than brief showers, if that, but the rain should be back on Saturday. After that it ought to stay dry until late next week.

It looks as though this will be a repeat of last autumn, which was fairly rainy, but I hope it isn't followed by a repeat of last winter, which was far too dry. If this is a long-term pattern that is developing then we're pretty much doomed to year-round water restrictions, and eventually maybe rationing. The descendants of all the dust bowl refugees who came to California in the 1930s will have to reverse their ancestral course and go back to Oklahoma and Kansas.* California just won't have the water for the amount of agriculture it has had up to now, and the economy of the Central Valley will shrink tremendously.

*Or maybe they could just move on to Alaska. Yesterday, Nome (historically the coldest city in the United States) had a record high for the date of 41 F, and was warmer than most of the country's mid section, all the way down to Alabama. That's been happening quite a bit in recent years. Alaskan asparagus, anyone?

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