rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Thin clouds make the night sky look as though some trendy decorator has given it a faux finish. Once the moon rises it will look better, but that won't be for along time yet. This moon is almost done for. If it had legs it would be on the last of them. The legless waning crescent will rise after two o'clock in the morning, by which time I expect to be comatose, so I won't be seeing the clouds when they start to look real. But maybe I'll dream about them.

All my Tuesday tasks are done, plus I did a load of laundry. The wheelie bins are at the street, the feral cats are fed, Portia's litter box is clean, and I'm freshly showered. All that's left is to fix something for dinner. I'm quite ready for it because I forgot to eat anything all day today. I downed a glass of orange juice this morning, and had noting since. I didn't even realize it until about half an hour ago. One would think that I'd have no problem deciding what to eat when I've accidentally fasted all day, but one would be wrong. I haven't a clue.

Well, it will probably turn out to be canned beans or microwaved burritos, because I really don't feel like putzing about making real food. If I enjoyed that sort of thing I probably wouldn't have forgotten to eat all day. And I'd better fix something before I turn on the television, because if I find that something interesting is on I'll probably forget to eat all night, too. But I'm definitely going to get myself a beer. Just the thing for a chilly November night.

And chilly November is about to get chillier. There is a high probability of rain on Wednesday, continuing through Saturday. The guy who is supposed to fix the hole in my roof still hasn't gotten around to it, so if he doesn't show up tomorrow I might be getting that soggy chunk of wallboard on my head sometime this week. We shall see. And right now I shall see about sticking something food-like in myself. Well, I do feel a bit peckish. I wish there was a decent undertaker hamburger joint around here.

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