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Friday specials lured me out of the house, but I was careful with my spending. There are five shopping days this month and I don't want to be extravagant. I guess it was fortunate that the stores were out of a couple of things I intended to buy, and those things were not necessities so I'll probably end up not buying them at all. I did splurge on three bottles of sparkling cider at the lowest price I've seen in years. Certainly not something I need, but nice to have once in a while.

I've also filled some gaps in my wardrobe. Most of my pants that fit were getting threadbare, and I've managed to get four new pair for a bit over fifty bucks, using sales and special deals at K-mart. Yes, K-mart pants, but that's all I've worn for about twenty years now, and they hold up reasonably well. I would never have worn them when I lived in Los Angeles, but nobody in this backwater cares what they look like, and I find I don't care all that much anymore myself. After all, I never go anywhere but to local stores and to the chiropractor and occasionally to the dentist.

It would be nice to get my winter jacket replaced, too, but that will have to wait until the spring sales, and I'm not sure K-mart will have anything I like. Most of the winter jackets they have on the racks this year are noisy— made of some synthetic fabric that makes that noise (the one like a dozen gnomes unzipping a dozen tiny gnome zippers all at once) when it rubs against itself. I really dislike that noise. The coat I've got now is a fake suede, which is as quiet as a whisper, but apparently they aren't making those anymore.

Eventually I have to get a new pair of shoes, too, but I really don't want to go to K-mart for those. Cheap shoes do not agree with my feet. There's a place in town that sells Birkenstocks, which I've never tried, but I'm not very hopeful that they would have anything I would want. Plus they are quite expensive. I might end up going to Chico to get shoes, as I always have for the last— good heavens, almost three decades! How time flies when one is in decline!

There wasn't any rain today, but everything is still damp, and most of the day was overcast. The chilly night air smells of wood and grass, and fortunately nobody has a fire going, so it is fresh. The overcast began breaking up in late afternoon so we got a bit of sunlight, and now there are patches of stars visible. The moon won't be rising for some time yet, having entered its last quarter, and I might go to sleep before it appears. Shopping is tiring. I also had a late lunch, so dinner will also be late, and light. It's a good night for a bowl of soup and some garlic toast. I think I'm still recovering from all that pizza I had the other night, anyway.

At midnight tomorrow November will be half over. I can feel winter creeping up, and when I go outside there's a good chance I'll hear it, too, as the migrating birds have been passing over in great numbers every night. Tonight is unlikely to be an exception. Soon it will be time to pull yet another blanket from the closet. Maybe tomorrow I'll launder the lot of them, to have them in readiness for the icy nights ahead.

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