rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dry and Stuffed

The rain that was due today never arrived, though the sky has been overcast since late last night. The rain might only have been put off until tomorrow, and there is at least some chance of rain, however slight, every day for the next week. For the last two nights there have been flocks of geese heading south, and that is perhaps a better indication than is a weather forecast of our autumnal state. No more seventy degree days are in sight, and the nights will almost all dip into the forties. The leaves are falling in greater numbers, and each day I fail to rake them the lawn is more thickly carpeted. Only a short time remains until the sky will be exposed from the absence of foliage. Rain or not, the season has changed.

Though the rain did not arrive, the pizza did, and I am stuffed. I always overeat pizza if there is enough of it available, and tonight there was. In fact there were two beers worth of it, so I am bloated with beer as well as stuffed with pizza. It's been a long time, and the unaccustomed indulgence has pleased me. I'm quite sure I will regret it tomorrow, but tonight I feel the contentment of satiation. I expect to fall asleep in front of the television and miss all the shows I had intended to watch. Well worth it, I say. I'm so well fed that I don't even miss the pumpkin pie I still don't have.

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