rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

A Rather Lengthy Entry, Considering I Really Have Nothing to Say

A guy came to see about dealing with the leak in the roof today, and found the probable source of it. It won't get fixed tomorrow because there will be rain. I would not appreciate the irony if the leak were to cause an electrical fire and burn the house down just before it was going to be fixed. In fact I would probably file a lawsuit against irony if that happened. It's about time somebody made irony pay for its outrageous behavior.

But assuming the house survives the coming storm, the roof should soon be fixed. Then I can paint over the ugly stain on my ceiling and forget that it ever was there. I'll be much less anxious this winter if I know the roof is not leaking. For one thing, I'll have all my pots and pans available for cooking in, instead of having to use them for catching drips. That will make decisions about meals easier, and decisions about meals are big part of my stress.

I still haven't decided what to eat tonight, for example. Canned chili hasn't been on sale at a reasonable price for a couple of months now, so I've run out. Likewise pasta sauce. There's stuff for cold sandwiches, but it's too cold for cold sandwiches. I suppose I could make grilled cheese again, but there's nothing to go with it but more of the same kind of soup I had the other night. Also I don't want to overload on cheese because I've all but decided that tomorrow night I will splurge on pizza. Transportation will be available, and there's a discount, so it's the best opportunity I've had in a long time and unlikely to come again soon. I'll have to get out in the rain to buy it, but pizza is worth getting wet for.

But we still have to see if the house burns down or not. If it does, then pizza is off. Unless I can save my beer from the fire, of course. If the beer is saved then there'll be cause for celebration, and what better food for a celebration than pizza?

Oh, I almost didn't get the wheelie bin out in time for trash pickup today because I thought that Veterans Armistice Day was a non-pickup holiday. Lucky thing I saw the neighbors putting their bins out and checked the schedule. I hate to keep trash over for a week. Used kitty litter, eww! And speaking of cat, I think I've got my computer settings back where they were before Portia decided to play Kitten on the Keyboard. At least everything I tried doing with it today worked out.

Wow, this is long. I'd better save something for a rainy day. Tomorrow.

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