rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Damn, This Is Trivial

I slept for eight hours. Unfortunately it was from half past four in the afternoon to half past midnight. I did wake up a couple of times, but was so disoriented that I thought it was too early to get up and so went back to sleep. This is why I need a clock that I can see from the couch without squinting. The digital readout on the cable box is just too small. Ideally, I would have an enormous analog clock face on my ceiling that I could see even when I didn't have my glasses on. Not going to happen, of course.

Now I've got the problem of trying to arrange today, when I have an afternoon appointment with the chiropractor. Should I try to stay awake until then? Should I try to take a mid-morning nap? Will I even be sleepy enough to take a mid-morning nap? Whatever happens I must be awake for the adjustment, as one of the reasons for the long unintended nap was that the discomfort in my neck has been interfering with my sleep schedule for the last few days. It really needs to be straightened out.

So here I am at an odd hour and at loose ends. I'd write more, but I can't concentrate. I'd go out and watch the moon but it's too cold. I'll probably end up going back to the television. Actually I'm not sure what I'm doing at all. I must remember to put out the wheelie bin, though. I didn't get around to it last night and I don't want to do it now because it is noisy and will disturb the neighbors. So I have four hours to kill before my next definite task arrives.

I am now thoroughly boring even myself. Time to shut up.

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