rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


An unintended late afternoon nap had me waking up an hour after nightfall, thinking it was about to be sunrise. I hate when that happens. Then I went outside and the air was full of the scent of sandalwood. All of a sudden I thought I'd been transported to the 1960s and that incense-burning hippies had moved in next door. But no, the Internets tell me it's still 2014 and most of the hippies have gone bald... but somebody is burning incense somewhere around here— unless the bats have begun bathing with sandalwood soap before going out for their nightly rounds, but how likely is that?

I think I'm still dazed from that nap. Clouds came in this afternoon and turned the mild day chilly in preparation for tomorrow's rain storm, so maybe the sound of rain will soon wash the cobwebs from my brain and I'll make sense tomorrow. Tonight is a total loss, I fear.

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