rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The October Mildness

It was a good day for airing out the house, and tomorrow might be as well. Friday and Saturday are apt to be chilly and rainy again. Tomorrow might be the last time this year that the temperature goes above 70 degrees. After that the baking weather will set in in earnest. I can almost taste the brownies now. Better yet, I won't have to wait beyond Friday for pumpkin pie, as Safeway is having a sale on them. They are the small (8-inch) pies, which are just the right size for me. The store is expecting to nail me on the whipped cream, which is not on sale, but I might just fool them and have the pie without it.

The birds were back in great numbers today, now that the dogs have quit barking. One crow sat in the walnut tree cawing for about ten minutes this morning, Then flew off to caw in another tree. If he was calling his friends to come to a walnut party, he must have been an unpopular crow, because none of them showed up. A lot of those little, noisy birds who have been hanging about this fall did show up, though, and one of the feral cats napped the whole time they were here only a few feet from the bushes they were swarming in. They apparently have no fear of cats, and the cats have no interest in them.

There was also a hummingbird in the yard, but I never saw it. I could hear it, but every time I looked around to where the sound had been coming from, the bird had vanished. It might have been a magical hummingbird— unless, of course, I have a brain tumor and just imagined I was hearing a hummingbird.

The moon is a bit more than a third full tonight, and the fat crescent is filling the yard with a soft light. There are still a couple of cicadas out there somewhere, but their buzz is also soft, and not annoying. At their summertime peak they are so numerous and their buzz is so loud that I can't escape it, even in the house, and it puts my nerves on edge, but now the few remaining bugs are almost pleasant to hear. Another reason to love autumn.

Oh, I almost forgot: The perfect food for your little angel (for those who don't get vintage_ads on their friends page.) This ad is priceless.

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