rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today must have been some sort of holiday for dogs, as those in my neighborhood spent so much of it barking. The three who live at the two houses beyond my back fence engaged in especially noisy celebrations every few minutes all day long. The single feral cat who spent the day in the back yard spent most of it hiding in the cupboard.under the sink, and stayed very close to the house when wasn't in the cupboard.

The squirrels stayed away, too, as did most of the birds. I don't have any idea what the dogs were so excited about, but they've calmed down now that it's dark so I'm pretty sure it isn't dog Halloween. A good thing, too, because I have no doggy treats on hand, and I'm quite sure I wouldn't like the sort of tricks that dogs would play (I'm assuming they have paper bags and know how to light them on fire.)

Probably because of the racket this seems to have been a very long day even though I didn't get up until after nine o'clock this morning, and then didn't do much of anything all day. The fact that the sun went down so early didn't help. I feel like I should be getting ready for bed, and I haven't even had dinner or watched anything on television. Those things will have to wait a bit longer, though. There's a crescent moon out tonight and I want to go watch it for a while before it goes behind the trees. I'm glad it isn't a full moon, because, if it were, those dogs would probably be howling at it all night.

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