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The day turned out rainy and blustery, as expected. In fact the sprinkles began last night, and by this morning the ground had gotten a good soaking. There was steady rain most of the morning, with occasional downpours, but my roof hasn't started leaking yet— at least I'm not smelling the telltale odor of wet newspaper that dampened insulation brings. There were no leaks on the back porch, not even around the skylights, so most likely the rain wasn't heavy enough long enough to get into the attic either. For that I am grateful, but I have to wonder how long my luck will hold. The rainy season could be long, so there will be many opportunities for the attic to get soaked.

The feral cats went stir crazy today, of course. They couldn't get out of the garage or off the back porch without getting wet most of the day, though there were a few periods of mere mist this afternoon. The Tabby who lives mostly in the garage, but visits the back yard at least half a dozen times a day, only came tot he back twice that I noticed. She likes to spend her evenings on the roof, too, but tonight she didn't leave the garage. Meantime, the cat who lives off to the east and only comes here to eat spent almost the entire day on the back porch, reluctantly sharing it with the little black tom cat who he hates. There was considerable hissing and some growling, but no fights. The black cat is surprisingly tolerant of the other's incursion into his territory, and his obnoxious behavior.

While I found the rain quite enjoyable, especially after the long, dry summer, and the air was not so cold as to be unpleasant, the very best thing about the storm so far is that there have been no power outages, despite some pretty stiff winds that might have been expected to bring down a tree or two and some power lines with them. A high wind advisory in is effect until eleven o'clock to night, so it could still happen, but right now the air is quite placid, with no more than an occasional stiff breeze. The trailing edge of the storm might bring more wind, though, so I'm counting no chickens. In fact I think I'll post this and turn off the computer, just in case, even though I haven't yet read all the latest journal updates. No use tempting fate, and the shopping being done I have all day tomorrow to read..

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