rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Chill

It didn't turn warm today after all. An overcast morning allowed the direct sunlight to pass through only intermittently, and by the time it burned off in late afternoon it was too late for the air to get warm. It remained partly cloudy even then, but the clouds never brought rain. Tomorrow it should clear up, and the weekend will be mild, but there is now rain predicted for Monday. That means I can probably put off watering until next Friday, even if it gets much warmer in the middle of the week.

The walnuts are disappointing this year, though there are plenty of them. They have been falling without first dropping their husks. I found a few bare walnuts on the lawn today, but there were far more that still had their decaying outer skins on them. The last couple of seasons they almost all shed their husks before falling, and it spoiled me. I think maybe the nights haven't been getting cold enough yet this year. The next three or four are supposed to get colder, so maybe the situation will improve. For now, I'm letting the walnuts with husks stay on the lawn for the squirrels and raccoons. The beasts don't seem to mind dealing with them.

I got a nasty little puncture on my wrist, and have no idea when it happened or what did it. That's the sort of thing one usually notices. The saliva of some creatures is supposed to have something in it that causes numbness, so you cant feel them biting you. I wonder if there's such an animal hiding in the house? If so, Portia better keep it away from me while I'm sleeping, or I just might adopt a dog.

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