rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mild and Feathered

The day was mild and full of birds. There were crows raiding my walnut tree, lots of little birds of some species I can't identify, and that mockingbird was back, though not in my yard. I could hear it singing somewhere up the block. It probably moved because my yard reeks of cat. The small birds don't appear to be bothered by the cats, and the cats leave them alone— maybe because a whole flock of them wouldn't add up to a decent meal, or maybe because the birds are so swift and wary, or maybe because the cats fear twenty or thirty little beaks more than they fear one big beak. The birds go unmolested in any case.

I had plans for the day but they didn't work out. The plans will be shifted to tomorrow. It should be a bit warmer tomorrow, and maybe I'll be able to leave the windows open all day again. That will become more and more of a luxury as the year wears on, and then will become an impossibility until next spring. Soon my gas bill will begin to rise, but this month there was good news. My credit from the state for energy conservation over the summer was actually several cents higher than my electric bill, so all the energy I have to pay for this month is a bit of gas I used in the stove and water heater. The bill was less than seven dollars altogether, complete with taxes and fees. I had been expecting it to be five times that or more. My reward for sweltering through so many hot summer days without air conditioning, I guess.

Though the rain has gone the sky is still partly cloudy, and it was nice to sit watching the clouds drift for a while this afternoon. I might get some more cloud watching in tonight, but I really expect to be asleep before the waning moon rises. I woke up before seven o'clock this morning, and haven't had a nap. I hope I don't fall asleep with my face in my dinner.

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