rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Complaint (with Bonus Pun)

My local store's store brand of sour cream was on sale yesterday. It's pretty good and I haven't had any in a long time so I bought pint to go with the chipotle barbecue flavor Doritos Jacked (which have been discontinued but are briefly available at a nearby outlet store— the last of their kind!)

Last night, in a snacking mood, I opened the sour cream and it was runny, while usually it is thicker than the national brands. Only then did I notice that I had picked up the fat-free variety.

Fat-free! An abomination!

My cats all like sour cream so I gave them each a bit, but they just sniffed it and walked away. It sat for hours uneaten and I finally washed it down the drain. I think that tells us something.

So there's a choice between something adulterated that cats have the sense to not eat, and something tasty that eventually gives you rolls of fat.

Caught between a crock and a soft place.

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