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Open [Oct. 10th, 2014|05:55 pm]
One of the feral cats has been distraught all day today. He's usually not around except to eat, but today he stayed in the yard from early morning until a few minutes ago. He was as jumpy as a, well, cat. He kept hissing and growling at at the other cats, and at nothing when they weren't around, and would hide in a corner behind the outdoor sink. That probably annoyed the daddy long legs spiders who also like to hide in that corner. I just saw him creeping out of the yard in the direction he usually goes, but he was very cautious and stayed close to the ground. I can't imagine what's annoying him, as there's nothing unusual going on in the neighborhood.

Well, nothing unusual if you don't count the fresh crop of weeds that is coming up. The weeds usually have the decency to wait until spring. But then the first rains of autumn usually aren't followed by a week of warm weather, so maybe that fooled them. It certainly fooled the azaleas and some of the other flowers which are suddenly blooming. The roses, though, which I might expect to still be putting out new buds in October, are not participating in this faux spring. There's not a rose in sight, much to the likely disappointment of the hummingbirds who zip around the bushes a couple of times a day inspecting and then fly away.

This morning I watered the back yard, and I hope that will be enough to keep it until the next rain comes. The current forecast predicts an 80% chance of rain on Wednesday, with a 20% chance as early as Tuesday. I think I'll skip watering the front yard on Sunday, then see how things look on Tuesday. The ground has been holding water better now that the days are cooler and the nights cooler still, and there's a chance of rain again a week from tomorrow, so the frequent watering might be over for the year. I've been leaving most of the windows open day and night for the last few days, and probably will for the next few as well. It makes for a large diurnal shift in the indoor temperature from the mid seventies in the afternoons to the low sixties by morning, but I like having the fresh air, and the fire hasn't been sending any smoke our way (knock on unburned wood.)

I had a chance to go to the stores today but decided to wait and do my usual Sunday shopping. The stores are total zoos on Friday, so only an extreme bargain or dire need can get me out then. Sundays they are only partial zoos. No lions and tigers and bears. Just a handful of monkeys.