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A few minutes ago I came within about three inches of getting beaned by a falling acorn. It's a hazardous time of year. I've had other narrow escapes, but so far no direct hits that I can recall. Although maybe I have been hit, but suppressed the memory due to PARTRSD (Post Acorn-Related Traumatic Stress Disorder.) It must especially hurt if you get hit by the sharp end of one of those little missiles. Might even draw blood.

Probably not as bad as getting hit by a pine cone, though, which has happened to me. The pines are much taller than the oaks, so the pine cones can build up more speed, and they are much larger than acorns, and covered with hard, sharp little spikes. Fortunately, the one time I got smacked by a falling pine cone it hit my shoulder, and I was wearing a fairly thick jacket. That's another reason to prefer the chilly weather.

Aside from the seasonal tree-sex-related overhead threat, it's going to be a very nice day today. It will be a mere 82 degrees, and it's still in the low seventies right now so I've got all the windows open to air out the house. I also got the two windows in the den washed, inside and out, and the screens washed, and the channels the windows run in are cleaned out. I was going to do more, but ran out of steam so I'm taking a break. I hope to get more done before lunch. After lunch I'm sure I'll be too logy, and will probably end up taking a nap because I didn't get enough sleep last night.

But it's nice to have a clear view out of those windows. I can see all the piles of leaves in the back yard that there won't be room for in the wheelie bins until after next Tuesday's yard waste pickup. No rain is likely until Wednesday, so I don't have to worry about them getting wet (the only danger is that the feral cats will decide to use the piles as their litter box.) I can also see the handful of cirrus clouds that have formed today, perhaps presaging the change in the weather next week.

The summerish days are expected to continue through Monday, with a sudden cooling trend arriving on Tuesday, so I'll have pleasant weather for dealing with the leaves that afternoon. Rain is a possibility later that week. It's really going to start feeling like autumn then. I've stocked up on soup and tea, and maybe there will be sales on cookies soon. I'll be able to have some tea and cookies and watch the rain through my clean windows. It's much safer to watch from indoors where the trees can't give me concussion.

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