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Humped Day - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Humped Day [Oct. 8th, 2014|10:04 pm]
Well of course I fell asleep just about the time the eclipse was starting and then woke up just about the time it was ending. I saw nothing but bright, un-occluded moonlight. But I did get some decent sleep, once I added a nap later in the morning. Beyond that, either the day was as uneventful as usual, or my memory is getting worse than ever, because it's all pretty much a blank.

Oh, that's right, there's one thing I remember: there was a bird singing in the front yard all afternoon. I think it was a mockingbird because it had so many songs. Mockingbirds have always been rare here, so it was a surprise to hear it.

Also there is a bit of red coming into some trees that I can see from my back yard, and that's a cheerful sight. The dogwoods across the street should be turning color fairly soon, and it won't be long until there will be lots of spidery, exposed twigs and branches everywhere I look.

For now it's still warm, and the evening is mild. I'm sure I'll be chilly by morning, but that's a welcome change. I don't expect to complain about the cold until November, at the soonest.