rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Blood Moon

Wednesday morning brings the second total lunar eclipse of the year, but you have to get up pretty early (on the east coast) or stay up pretty late (on the west coast) to see it. The event begins at 5:15 a.m. EDT, reaches totality at 6:25, and ends around 8:34. I have no idea if I'll be awake at 2:15 PDT as I didn't get a nap today, having gone to the chiropractor this afternoon. If I pass out early enough I might be awake before it ends, though probably not during totality. This event had completely slipped my mind, and I was only reminded by having the LJ feed for Scientific American on my friends page. Here's their article.

The adjustment from the chiropractor was pretty rough today, as I hadn't been in for six weeks. My neck was seriously stuck and resisted being moved several times. I'll probably be quite sore tomorrow, so maybe it's a good thing that I probably won't be awake to crane my neck at the eclipse. I don't want to be throwing any vertebrae back out of whack already.

I wish the adjustment could have done something for the indigestion I've been having lately, but I'm sure it didn't. I'd have to do something about my diet to fix that— unless, of course, it's not really indigestion but an early sign of a heart attack. If it's an impending heart attack I hope it will at least hold off until the next rain arrives, which could be as early as next Tuesday. It would also be nice to have one more pizza before I die (and if it's indigestion after all the pizza probably wouldn't make it any worse than it already is,) but it would be unwise to squander money on the off chance that I'm about to shuffle off this mortal coil pizza-less. Property taxes are due next month!

Now to go make my non-pizza dinner. I'd make spaghetti but I'm totally out of sauce. I really need to get more focused when I go grocery shopping.

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