rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Water On the Smoke

For the first time in several days there is a whiff of smoke in the air tonight. The fire is now contained, but will probably continue burning for quite a while until it is mopped up. The weather pattern has shifted, as the smoke used to turn up in the mornings and dissipate by evening. As it's getting warm again I'd rather have the smoke hanging around by day, as I close the windows early in the morning and open them again at night. It's going to be an annoying time if we get smoky nights.

I remembered to water the front yard this evening, and had bright moonlight to do it by. It looks as though the watering will have to be done through at least the first half of October, as there is no rain predicted. I'm really hoping for wet weather in the second half of the month. While I enjoy watering by moonlight it is awfully expensive. There is also the chance that I'll get my dates mixed up and water on an odd-numbered day. I'm sure to get caught and then I'll have to go to prison for violating the drought restrictions. Of course if I go to prison I won't have to do my own cooking anymore or go grocery shopping. I guess there's always a bright side.

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