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The wind didn't come back today, but it's okay because the smoke didn't come back either. The absence of wind didn't stop the acorns from falling, though, and I enjoyed listening to the loud reports as they smacked the metal roofs of sheds and mobile homes house trailers nearby. It was a placid afternoon, but the neighbor who mowed his lawn a couple of days ago now has his leaf blower going, giving the evening an unduly industrial mood. I wish he'd knock it off. I can't think with all that racket.

Because I didn't go to the store on Tuesday I hope to go tomorrow. The first Friday of the month the grocery stores around here are zoos. All the old people get their Social Security checks and go spend the money. I'd wait until Sunday but I really need bread, and Safeway has a couple of decent Friday-only bargains. If it isn't too crowded I'll try to get the whole week's shopping out of the way and then I'll have Sunday free again. It might be worth it.

The evening air is pleasantly cool but I've had to close the windows to minimize the noise from the leaf blower, and to keep its fumes out of the house. After he's done I'm going to go out and water the front yard. The moon is more than half full so I'll have fairly decent light to do it by. I got the back yard watered this morning. I noticed that some of the plants that usually produce flowers once a year are sporting a second crop. Evidence that the warm weather has lasted far too long. It's probably going to last at least another ten days, too.

Well, it's not hot enough to require air conditioning, and it's warm enough that I'm saving on gas for the furnace, so I won't complain anymore. Besides, the mild night makes for pleasant moon-watching, which is what I intend to do as long as I can keep my eyes open tonight. Too bad the jasmine isn't one of the plants that's flowering again. Jasmine perfume is a nice accompaniment to moon-watching.

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