rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hello, October

The morning was windy, and the lawn I'd lately raked is now covered with a fresh layer of dead leaves. While the wind might have stirred up the fire in El Dorado County, it was a north wind so it blew the smoke away from us. The leaves had fresh air through which to fall, and I had all my windows open all day. A couple of doors slammed with drafts, but I put heavy objects objects against them to keep them from doing it again. I still have a few windows open to catch some cool night air, as it will be warmer tomorrow and I want to get a head start on keeping the house cool. Highs could return to the nineties over the weekend, but that will be easy enough to handle with the nights remaining fairly cool.

The wind not only brought down a lot of leaves, but loads of acorns and more than a few walnuts. I enjoyed hearing the acorns smack the rooftops, but the walnuts that were falling still have their outer husks on them, so I'm not pleased with that. I hope this won't be one of those years when they all still have husks when they fall. The husks are very difficult to remove, and they get slimy and smelly as they decay. Those nuts that fell today I'm leaving on the ground for the squirrels and raccoons. The beasts have built-in sharp utensils that can rip through the husks easily.

Tonight there is no more than a gentle breeze blowing, but maybe the wind will pick up again tomorrow morning. It would be nice to have the north wind hang around as long as that fire is burning to the south. It's good not to have smoky air.

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