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It turns out I won't be going to the chiropractor tomorrow after all. My transportation fell through, and it's too late to find an alternative. That means there will have been six weeks between adjustments. That's going to be difficult— both the next week without one, and the adjustment itself when I finally get it. My neck will probably be really stuck by then. The few days after will probably be bad, too. It's especially annoying that it's all my fault for being unfocused and forgetting the original appointment last week. It means I am a pain in my own neck.

But there is likely to be nice weather to suffer through. Today was perfect, with a chilly morning followed by a balmy afternoon. I was able to keep all the windows open and the air was fresh. The fire in El Dorado County is still burning, but now almost entirely contained thanks to the recent rain. There could still be some smoke coming this way, but probably not as much as there has been for the last couple of weeks. I guess I'll find out in the morning. It's been nice to have a respite from it, anyway.

Tonight the waxing crescent moon appeared high in the sky among thin clouds which gave it a fuzzy halo. The buzzing of cicadas has grown faint, but there is a cricket nearby making a slow chirp that might have lulled me back to sleep had I not been well rested from an afternoon nap. It's going to be moderately cool all night, and tomorrow is likely to be very much like today, unless the smoke comes back. I intend to enjoy the autumn moderation for which I've waited so long, vertebrae out of place notwithstanding.

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