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Bonus [Sep. 27th, 2014|05:31 pm]
We're getting sun showers this afternoon. I happened to step out of the house just as the first one began, and I heard the raindrops hitting the leaves. The eastern sky was all slate clouds, and in the west they were breaking up and the sunlight was streaming through something close to a downpour. It lasted for less than two minutes, but a short time later another came, and then another, though these were somewhat less vigorous. In between showers there was fine mist, and the sun shining all the time.

The air this evening is mild and smells fresh, and I have the windows open. Another shower is going on now, and I hear the drops hitting the mulberry tree and see the light behind them. It probably won't last much longer as I see the clouds beginning to close up again. It has been nice while it lasted, and is even better because we weren't expecting rain today at all. Another bonus. The birds sound as happy about it as I am. I think I'll go out and walk around the yard to see the water drops sparkling on the leaves.