rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wet Kiss

A few sprinkles began falling last night, about two o'clock in the morning. I fell asleep around three, and it still wasn't raining steadily, but then it must have rained overnight because when I woke up briefly about six in the morning I could hear it falling, and when I was finally done sleeping about eight o'clock this morning the ground was quite wet, though the sky was back to sprinkling. There were a few more sprinkles though the morning and then after noon the sky began to clear, and the clouds dissipated until there remained only a handful of fluffy white cumulus hanging mostly over the mountains.

I thought the rain was gone, but about half an hour ago we started getting a bonus rain, and it is the loudest I've heard all day. I don't know how long it will last, but I'm glad it's here. By evening the ground had mostly dried, and I don't think there had been enough to justify skipping a day of watering. Now maybe there will be.

Transportation has been arranged so I can go shopping tomorrow, and if I can get everything then I'll have Sunday to myself again. Tomorrow there's a one-day bargain on kitty litter and ice cream, and those are two things I use quite a bit of. There's a decent one-day price on my favorite cheese, too. Alas, nobody has butter on sale and I'm running low. Butter suddenly got more expensive a couple of months ago, and I really like butter a lot, so this is disturbing. If it ever comes on sale again I'm going to stock up on as much as I think will last until I can eat it. Maybe I'll freeze a couple of pounds. Frozen butter is really good for grating into recipes such as biscuits that call for finely chopped, non-melted butter. It's good for making pie crusts, too, but I never make pie crusts.

A whole lot of leaves came off the trees today, and they are getting soaked. There will be a few warm days in which they can dry out, though, so I'm not bothered. I'd be happy to have more rain next week, but so far it doesn't look like we'll be getting any.

And now for the late dinner I've been baking in the oven. Yes, it's oven weather tonight. How I've missed baked foods during the long summer! Another reason to delight in the arrival of fall.

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