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I'd hoped to wake up early enough this morning to close the windows before the smoke returned, but failed. Portia has never been very good as an alarm cat, and she slept in right along side of me. It was a UPS truck making a delivery across the street that finally woke me just a bit after nine o'clock. At least, I thought to myself, with six hours of sleep I probably won't have to worry about having an overlong afternoon nap today. Wrong. I dropped off again about four o'clock and didn't wake up until almost seven, which this time of year means at dusk.

The evening sky was quite nice to look at, with a few small clouds drifting among the silhouettes of the pine trees. The storm that is supposed to arrive by tomorrow morning is still out over the Pacific, poking along, but there is still a very good chance that there will be rain. If it arrives early enough there probably won't be any smoke to stink up the morning at all. For that favor I would be very grateful.

As the probability of rain is high, I didn't water the front yard tonight. I'll give the sourgrass a drink in a while, but the rest of the plants can just take their chances on the weather. The irrigation will probably have to resume Friday, if there isn't much rain tomorrow, or Sunday, if the rain is substantial, and continue at least through the next week. A wetter October remains a possibility, though not a strong one.

I don't think I forgot to do anything I intended to do today, so that alone makes it better than yesterday, even with the unintended nap. If my memory functions tomorrow, and there is rain, it will be the best day yet this month. And if the clouds are gone by Friday evening I expect to see the thin crescent moon before it sinks behind the trees. The first moon of autumn! I've been waiting for that.

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