rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The smoke was around all night, and got very thick this morning. For a while the sky was so brown I had flashbacks to Los Angeles in the 1960s. A stiff breeze arose this afternoon and now the air is fresh again. It's nice to have the wind blow the smoke away, but it can also fan the flames. The wind picked up in El Dorado County, too, but the firefighters still managed to increase the containment level to 35%.

The wind has died down tonight, and I expect that the smoke will creep back before dawn, and tomorrow is apt to be a repeat of today, but a bit cooler. Rain is still expected Thursday, so that could help. With luck, enough rain, and a minimum of lighting, the fire could be fully contained by Friday, and then there would just be mopping up to do. It could be a non-smelly October after all.

The smoke must have muddled my brain, because I totally forgot that I had an appointment with my chiropractor today. They called about ten minutes after I was supposed to get there. I kept thinking the appointment was for next week, and now it is because I had to reschedule. Crap. I could have used and adjustment, too.

Just now I remembered that I can't remember if I brought in the blue wheelie bin after the recycling was picked up today. I'd better go check now. I sure hope the smoke isn't so bad tomorrow. If my brain gets any more befuddled I'll start forgetting to remember if I've forgotten to remember anything I've forgotten, and then where will I be? No, really. I think knew, but I forget.

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