rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Goodbye, Summer, and Good Riddance

The last day of summer was filled with the smell of smoke, even though the acreage burned hardly increased at all today. Humidity and low wind are helping slow the fire, and it is now almost 20% contained. But the stiller and heavier air is also holding the smoke in, so it will probably continue to be smelly here all night.

It's supposed to be a bit cooler tomorrow, but I'm not expecting anything especially fall-like for the first day of autumn. I'll have to wait until Thursday for that, when there could be rain. It still won't feel very fall-like even then, as it will be a warm rain, but at least it might sound like fall. And with all the leaves that have already come down it will look a lot like fall, but without the colors. The oaks, the grass, the fields are all still late-summer brown.

Speaking of late-summer brown, I should be out watering the front yard right now, since I missed the watering day Sunday. So far I've managed to keep the sourgrass from dying back this year, and I don't want to spoil my record this near the end (hopefully) of the dry season.

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