rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The wind shifted and by early afternoon all the smoke from the forest fire had been blown away. The remainder of the day was quite pleasant, despite a high temperature in the low nineties. I just kept to the shade when I went out, and the breeze that had removed the smoke was fresh and clean. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler, and there's a very good chance that we will get thunderstorms tomorrow night and Thursday. I hope the lightning doesn't start any more fires. There probably won't be enough rain to help with those we've already got.

The supermarket ads come out tomorrow and I get to plan my weekly grocery shopping. Oddly, though I dislike shopping I love planning to shop. Wednesday morning I go to the web sites and see what's on sale, and I make out a list, which usually turns out to be the high point of the day. There are always disappointments when things I'd like to buy are not on sale, but there are always pleasant surprises when some bargain I hadn't expected to get shows up. Too bad I have to actually go to the stores to get the stuff.

It's not yet eight o'clock, when I can go out and water, and the night is already very dark. I was going to water the back yard early today, but I didn't wake up until well after nine o'clock, and the regulations require the watering to be done by ten. What I need this time of year is some sort of flashlight attachment to my garden hose. Then I wouldn't end up watering some bare patch because I can't see the plants, or watering myself because I'm trying to manage the hose and a conventional flashlight at the same time.

Four minutes to go. I might as well get out there.

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