rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


For the first time in ages the evening was cool enough that I was able to open the windows before the sun set. Whether or not they'll have to be closed before dawn I don't yet know. Even if the house gets a bit chilly, I might just leave them open to welcome the first night that feels like autumn.

This afternoon a pair of hawks visited the neighborhood. The spent several minutes swooping and soaring, and I enjoyed watching their shadows rush across my yard. A couple of times the shadows flew across me— just a brief flicker of the light, but it felt as though the hawks were inviting me to join them. I had to stay on the ground, though, because there were things to be done.

I got a few more windows washed. As the days grow shorter the light becomes softer and I like to let more of it in. Clean windows will let me see the trees change colors better, too, once that process begins. I'm looking forward to the day I don't have to close the windows at all, and when one slides over the other and I have to look through two sheets of glass they need to be spotless.

A couple of the rose bushes needed to be trimmed, too. I lately had one rose that was bumped up against the rain gutter when it bloomed because the stem was so long. Can't be having that. What would the hummingbirds think?

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