rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This morning I started raking the back lawn while the day was still fairly cool, but only got about a third of it done before my neck started to hurt. I figured I shouldn't let it get knocked out of whack since it's almost three weeks until my next appointment with the chiropractor, so the rest of the yard remains un-raked. Maybe I can get another third done if I wake up early enough tomorrow.

The front yard probably won't need any raking for at least another month, unless we get a strong wind that carries the oak leaves that direction. The leaf maker in the front yard is the mulberry tree, and it is always the last tree to start shedding each year, just as it is the last to leaf out in the spring. By the time it starts shedding I won't have to worry about the heat. At least I hope not. If it's still hot in November I just might decide to drown myself in the coldest water I can find.

This morning I had that inexplicable craving for a traditional greasy spoon diner breakfast that shows up now and then, so about eleven o'clock I made bacon and scrambled eggs and hash browned potatoes and toast and coffee. I still have indigestion, and I haven't eaten a thing since. I did have a beer about one o'clock this afternoon, because that's about when I'd normally be eating some lunch, and it just doesn't seem like afternoon without a lunchtime beer. Then of course I fell asleep watching television. I expect to do that again later tonight. Falling asleep while watching television may be the thing I do best these days.

But now it's time to get the front yard watered because, yes, I forgot it yet again. Forgetting is what I do second-best. Aging sort of bites.

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