rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

While the Instects Buzz

An overcast which had lingered all day began to differentiate into clouds early enough this evening to provide us with a splendid sunset. I recognized it because I can remember sunsets. There are other things I forget. For example I forgot to turn off the hose I was using to water the sourgrass again last night. Last time I did that it ran all night. This time it ran all night and all day. I just remembered about ten minutes ago that it was on, so it ran for about twenty-four hours. Ouch. That's going to show up on the water bill.

Opportunity allowed me to get most of the shopping out of the way today. I didn't want to get the bread so soon because I still have some, and when I go to get it I'll be able to pick up a couple of things I forgot. I seem to forget more stuff when I shop on Friday. The stores are busier on Friday than on Sunday, and the extra commotion causes me to get distracted. But then the stores are out of fewer things on Fridays, so that sort of compensates.

Today I got up fairly early and didn't take a nap, so I might be able to sleep better tonight— unless I get overtired. When that happens I sometimes don't get to sleep until dawn, and then everything gets catawampus for days and days. I'll try to wind down this evening, and maybe I'll get lucky and nod off around midnight. Shopping does tend to leave a residual anxiety, though, which can make relaxing difficult. Maybe an extra beer would help. Too bad one of the things I forgot at the store was potato chips. Maybe I'll make popcorn. That makes me thirsty for extra beer. (Sometimes it's a disadvantage not to be a heavy drinker by nature.)

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