rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Nocturn Of the Screw

This evening I got hung up with the computer and I forgot that today was a watering day, so didn't do any watering. Now it's far too late. It was the back yard's turn, but now I'll have to do both the front and back yards on Sunday, which is my busy day. How inconvenient. But this is what happens when your brain starts getting old and falling apart. If my brain doesn't remember to water on Sunday then I'll be seeing yellow leaves on the oleanders Monday. I don't much like the oleanders, but I'd like them even less if they had dead and dying leaves all over them.

One of the feral cats didn't show up for dinner, and when he finally turned up about half past eleven I didn't want him to go hungry so I put out some food for him. I should have stayed out while he ate, because when I went back a few minutes later the bowl was not only empty but halfway across the porch, and the water bowl was half empty and full of mud. That can only mean that raccoons came and ate his food. Not only that, but they departed by climbing the side fence into the yard of the neighbor who has a motion sensor for her back porch light, and now the light is blazing away, ruining the mood of the night. Maybe it will go off before I go back out again, but she has it set for a very long cycle. I hope the raccoons pooped in her yard.

Due to my absent mindedness I still haven't had my dinner tonight. Because it was so long delayed I don't feel like cooking anything, but I've had all my quick meals recently and don't feel like having them again so soon. This situation usually means I end up drinking beer and eating snack foods. It's something I'm bound to regret tomorrow, but there it is.

I hope the feral cat the raccoons scared off comes back for more food. I don't like to think about him being hungry all night, nor do I like the idea that he might raid the nests of sleeping birds. I blame the raccoons for all this. They are tools of the devil. Cute as Hell, but tools of the Devil. Stupid raccoons.

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