rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Snooze Fest

I was so distracted today that I didn't eat lunch until almost four o'clock in the afternoon, even though I had been awake since half past six this morning. Now I'm hungry again but I'm too tired to make dinner. I didn't eat dinner last night, either, as I fell asleep before I got around to fixing it. One would think that with all the meals I've been missing the last few months I'd just start wasting away, but my pants are as tight as they were last winter. I blame the extra beer I drink when I don't eat.

Anyway, I'm probably going to fall asleep in front of the television in a few minutes, and then I won't eat again until I have an orange when I wake up tomorrow. I've got a cantaloupe I bought Sunday, but it isn't quite ripe yet and I want to let it sit a couple more days before I cut into it. I'd microwave a burrito but I'm afraid I'd fall asleep before finishing it and Portia would end up dragging the remains onto the floor and make a mess I'd probably step in when I woke up.

In fact I feel as though I might fall asleep before I fini

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