rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

One Damned Thing After Another

As I forgot that this was a watering day I left it too late and ended up watering in the moonless darkness. The hose didn't get away from me, as it sometimes does in the dark, so I didn't get soaked, but I did do some unintentional walking in mud and now I'll have to clean my shoes. The reason I was so late is because I was distracted by the washing machine, which decided to quit working in mid-cycle this afternoon. It failed during the spin cycle, but it was the one before, not after, the rinse cycle.

Now I have soggy clothes with residual detergent in them. My sister is going to come over early tomorrow and take them to re-wash at her house. Monday I'll have to call a repair person. I hope it isn't too costly. I just had to get the water heater fixed, and now the washing machine. I suspected that this would happen. The manner of the failure is such that I suspect it is no m ore than a worn belt, which could be cheap to replace but since I can't do the job myself I'll probably end up paying a small fortune for the repair.

It's one thing or another. I'm trying not to think about the HVAC, because that will probably be the next to go (unless the refrigerator bites the big one first) and the HVAC us apt to be very expensive to fix. And of course I'm hoping that the washer can be fixed (and the HVAC when it inevitably goes awry) as there's no way I can afford to have even the cheaper one replaced.

I think I'd better do some triage on this week's shopping list. Something's got to go. My budget is just way too close to the bone with this extra expense.

Machinery hates me.

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