rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


TMI: No matter how much I brush Portia she still gets hairballs all summer long. I don't mind cleaning them up, but sometimes she drops one when I'm not looking and it's in a spot I'd rather not have it. For example the one I just stepped on in the dark. I'm glad I had my shoes on, because it was fairly fresh. Yech.

Had it been a few inches over it would have been on linoleum instead of carpet, and I have mixed feelings about that. They are easier to clean off of linoleum, but they can also make the linoleum slippery and I could have my feet slide out from under me if I stepped on it. Breaking my neck after slipping on a hairball would be a very stupid way to die, and I plan on dieing of a heart attack brought on by all the butter I eat. Not much smarter, but at least it's a choice. And a tasty one, too.

Something else tasty is the mocha almond fudge ice cream I've got in the freezer for desert. It makes up for the dull meals I have to eat in hot weather because I don't want to use the oven. Tonight I heated a can of chili and sliced up a cucumber for contrast. Now I'm just waiting for it to settle and it will be ice cream time.

Wait. How did I end up writing about hairballs and food in one entry?

One more thing I can blame on summer, I guess.

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