rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Almost two thirds of the way through summer I've settled into the doldrums. Doldrum is acceptable. Well, it's better than disruption, anyway. If I'm dull, at least I'm not desperate. If the brown grass is not especially restful, at least it's not disturbing. And it doesn't need mowing. Ever. I can live with this, as long as it doesn't go on indefinitely. I can look at those plants that are still green and remember that sooner or later the rain will return, and there will be days when I can leave the windows open until nightfall instead of waiting until nightfall to open them.

Right now I should be out watering the front yard. I was going to do it earlier but had one of those unintentional naps that threw my whole schedule off. It hasn't been watered in four days, and I won't be able to do it again until Saturday, so I guess I should get to it. Six days is too long for some of those plants to go without water. I don't think the moon is up yet, though, so I'll be doing it in the dark. I always end up getting myself wet when I have to use a flashlight to find the right spots to aim the hose. From unintentional nap to unintentional shower. That's what heat does for me.
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