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Endure [Aug. 13th, 2014|10:26 pm]
Last night I actually got a few hours of decent sleep, thanks to the coolness. It never go chilly enough that I needed a blanket, but it was so much better than recent nights have been that I don't care. Today was the coolest (or at least least hot) non-rain day in over a month, and though it will be getting warmer again starting tomorrow the nights are supposed to stay fairly cool for a while, so I might get even more decent sleep.

So far no dandelions have sprouted as a result of the recent rain. It might be too late in the season for them. The oak leaves are still turning brown at a faster rate than is normal for the time of year, and there will soon be more raking to be done. I'll let the leaves pile up once autumn has really begun, but leaves that fall in summer must be gathered and disposed of because of the fire risk. But then every leaf that falls now is one less to deal with in September and October.

The waning moon will still be bright once it rises, but it is rising late enough to provide over an hour of deep darkness in which the stars shine brightly. The clouds have all gone, so there is nothing but the town's lights to interfere with the view. I'm glad the neighbors don't have their porch lights on tonight. I think I'll go out and watch the moon rise among the pine trees. Yes, the crickets are still chirping. The air still smells clean so I guess the electrical storm didn't start any fires nearby. For the time being, August is endurable, but I won't place any bets on it remaining so for long.

Ah, but tonight the cool, nocturnal breeze feels so nice.