rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Home On Derange

We might be getting an unexpected break tonight. It's not even ten o'clock yet, but it's already cooler outside than it ever got last night. Today was absolutely Hellish, of course, and I had to run the air conditioner all day. Last night I was unable to sleep at all, but about nine o'clock this morning I fell into a stupor that lasted until mid afternoon. I have some catching up to do. Tomorrow is shopping day, and I'm not looking forward to going out even though it's predicted to be a mere 94 degrees. A decent amount of sleep would help.

This evening some neighbor not too close but not too far away is having a party with a live band. It has be an old fart party because I don't think the band has played anything recorded after 1964. Those crazy coots and their rock and roll music! They've played it so loud that it can probably be heard a quarter of a mile away. And then somebody in the other direction started setting off fireworks. They had three or four of those things that whistle loudly. I didn't see any sparks or flares, but could smell the sulfur in the air for several minutes. Fireworks are absolutely forbidden here, for good reason, the brown fields and heated forests being highly combustible. I wonder if the fireworks were set off by old farts, too?

The party should be winding down soon. People who listen to early 1960s Motown cover bands probably have an early bedtime. Maybe not, though. The heat might be making everyone crazy.

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