rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Demon Days

Approaching eleven o'clock it is still over 80 degrees outside. Today was torrid. It was also the coolest day there will be until next Monday. AC, don't fail me now.

One would think I'd drop a few pounds in this heat, but when I don't cook meals I snack more, and I end up eating stuff like chips and cookies, and I wash much of it down with beer. That is not a diet for weight loss. If this weather keeps up for much longer I'll need new pants.

Tonight I don't even get relief by going outside because it's still so hot out there. It makes my air conditioned 78 degrees feel almost comfortable by comparison. It won't be comfortable getting next months power bill, though.

Now I'm going to go watch television. Maybe there will be something on that will take my mind off the heat.

Probably not, though. I don't think we get that sort of television show here in Hell.

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