rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

One of Those Days

Today took a header into the toilet and cracked open its skull on the bottom of the bowl. Now, its necrotic remains are floating in the murky water, and nothing remains but to flush.

One of the cats woke me up, too early, by licking my face. Now I have an itchy red welt, since I am allergic to cat spit.

The other cat is limping. I tried to inspect her paw, but she objected and dug her claws into my arm while escaping. It hurts.

I need to go out and buy various things, but my plans keep falling through. (Too complicated to explain.)

I seem to have gotten on to a new spam list. A goatload of the stuff arrived today. delete...delete...delete..

Various appliances are being evil again.

Because of all the crap going on, I can't get out and go for a walk, and the weather is absolutely gorgeous!

And, most annoying, I can't seem to keep an internet connection for more than ten minutes, and it is always a very slow connection at that. Is it Sluggo? Is it Juno? Is it the whole internet? Who the hell knows!

I expect that dinner will poison me.

Oh, I want it to be Saturday!


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