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From the Braising Pan [Jul. 29th, 2014|12:43 pm]
Rats! I fell asleep without turning off the hose that was irrigating the sourgrass again last night and it ran until almost eight o'clock this morning. Another big hit to the water bill. But I had done so well in moving the hose every few minutes that I got all but one small patch watered before the lethargy overwhelmed me and I sank into sleep. Perhaps that success made me overconfident.

I have to go get my head yanked in a couple of hours, so I watch the rising thermometer with trepidation. It's going to be very close to 100 degrees today, and my appointment will probably coincide with the peak. Then I have to stop at three stores on the way home. It's going to be a trying afternoon, and it will be followed by another warm night. The next ten days show little hope of improvement. Anyway, I'll probably be in no condition to write anything this evening so I'm getting it done now.

But a waxing crescent moon will appear this evening. Something, at least, to look forward to.